The town of Ivanec is spread over the area of 9581 ha in the western part of the Varazdin County and the southern part of the microregion called The river Bednja upper confluence. It lies on the northern slopes of the middle part of the Ivancica mountain, its foot and a part of the Bednja river valley.

The middle part of the Ivancica massif is comprised of Triassic dolomites and limestones with Tertiary deposits at the foot of the mountain. The northern slopes are particularly steep. The Bistrica creek possesses hilly features in its upper part.

The lowest part of this area is full of meadows, whereas plough-fields can be seen in the mildly slanted feet of the hills. Gardens, orchards and vineyards can be seen in higher areas. The area higher than 400m is covered in woods; the sessile oak and hornbeam in the lower, and beech in the higher parts. The town of Ivanec is located between two strong European motorways; Zagreb – Varaždin – Budapest and Zagreb – Krapina – Maribor – Graz. These two motorways are connected by the Varaždin – Ivanec – Sv. Kriz Zacretje trunk road.



The main climate factors that determine the climate in the Ivanec area are its geographic latitude and the distance from the sea. An important local factor is definitely the terrain with Ivancica being the highest mountain in Croatia north of the river Sava.

According to the W. Köppen's climate classification, the climate in Ivanec is moderately warm and wet. There is snow and frost in the cold part of the year, but there are also warm periods so snow rarely stays present for a long period of time. Summers are warm, but not too warm. The amount of precipitaion is pretty equally distributed over the year, so there are no extremely dry periods. The maximum amount of monthly precipitation in spring or early summer joins the maximum in late autumn, which can even surpass the first one. This type of climate is also known as the beech climate because of the beech woods that grow there, and is very important for farming since it is appropiate for growing corn.